Saturday, July 17, 2004

Point of Minima

Yesterday has been officially identified by me as the point of local
minima in my existential curve(Oh, by the way, I've been doing a lot of
maths today). From here on, things can only pretty much look up, and
guess what? They did.

I had a wonderful day. Fine, it wansn't wonderful in my happy happy joy
joy sense, but when you've been having a hard time, you take what you
get. Firstly, after ages, I got all of 7 and a half hours of sleep, and
woke up at a reasonably decent 5 30(as opposed to 4 AM). At this bright
and early hour, I discovered that Karate Kid was showing, and watched
it after ages. Reminded me what I needed to know, baby, "Must have

Around sevenish, I sat down to study, and finished tangents and
normals. Then I had a wonderful breakfast, with eggs, sesame toasted
bread, Gouda Cheese, and of course my favorite juicy, luscious pears.

After breakfast, me sent off application for Correspondance course for
Law Entrance. Then got down to doing Increasing/decreasing functions.
Finished that too. Then had tuition class, where did more work. For the
first time in months, I have actually been motivated to work, and have
thus done a good job of it. One hopes rich dividends will result, will
wait and see.

Then the most amazing thing happened. After a seemingly neverending
drought, Lord Indra finally decided enough was enough, and bestowed us
with some rain, right when my class ended. This gave me wonderful
opportunity to get drenched, while Abeer Chuha ranted and complained
about how his mobile phone was going to get zonked.

Returned home, and did YET MORE MATHS!(Maxima/Minima, by the way) I
don't think I've ever done this much work for monday test. Well, enough of this, I tell you another fun story.

Lord of the Flies

This season is also a time when flies abound all over the place, and
are wont to buzz around and irritate you. Last year, I discovered my
hidden superpower. I am, in addition to a lot of other titles, Lord of
the Flies!

Flies don't bother me once I tell them the buzz off. When I tell them
to bugger off, they go fly up other guys pants. They generally don't
bother me, once I tell them so, and will seemingly buzz around anyone
or anything else, to others irritation.
Now, people didn't believe me last year, but since it has continued
this year, they're starting to think there's something to it. Jezebels
such as Copal, and Damini now admit that it seems to work. Let that be
a point to all disbelievers, beware the awesome might of The Lord of
the Flies!

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