Wednesday, July 07, 2004

DIPS DIARY dissapointments

Ah, the dips came out today, first day of school and everything. While I have got a few articles, and my favorite short story in there, they have, however, failed to put in my all time favorite poem (self composed one, that is), Cheshire Man, on the pretext that it was too long.

So fine, its a 950 word poem, which spreads into three A4 sheets, but still. Its a fantastic piece of work, I put a lot of work into that thing.

So I'm going to put it up here. Without futher adieu, I present to you, Cheshire Man! Its a bit of a long read, but bear with it.

Cheshire Man

Once upon a time, in a land close by
It was a dark and dreary night
And I was lost, without a light
Astray in the back alleys did I roam
And prayed to find my way back home
When all at once, by night’s good chance
A smiling face I happened to glance
From the mists haste he did appear
And took me to where my house drew near

But before we parted, a burning fire
In my mind possessed me to enquire

“My mother dearest tells me of dangers
And pleads me not to talk to strangers
So tell me your name, if you please can”
“Why dear child, I’m Cheshire Man”

“Well, Cheshire Man, now you’re no stranger
And I shouldn’t be in danger
Pray tell sir, if so be your grace
What for the broad grin on your face”

And for the briefest moment changed his mug
And his smile seemed to grow to smug
And all at once he seemed to terrify
As I saw a glint in his evil eye

“O child of wonder”, the man reckoned
“Come hither”, to me he beckoned
And held me close, to close to breathe
“I’ll let you guess what my smile does sheath”
A single shot, and pray you’re right
And I will bless you with your heart’s delight
But if indeed you answer wrong
You could feel like this all life long”
And at that moment I saw him scowl
And it opened to me things unholy and foul
“Dear lad, that was just a sample
You’ll feel far worse than that example”

And at that moment, I could have fled
But was anchored down by what he said
Who could ever doubt his case?
Who could doubt that smiling face?
And whatever could be his crafted hell
My wildest guess I had to tell

OH, that’s easy! I loudly cried
Its happiness, you’ve nothing to hide
For what else does one smile
You’ve been elated all the while

“Oh truly I wish you were right
Now I must design you to the night”

But at that moment he held my eye
Which about the truth could not lie
And without a second glace
Decided to give a second chance

“It’s all right, my dear, I see hope for you
I give your three guesses, not one nor two”

With hope and grace I saw his face
And tried to muster what lay beneath
But my wildest fancies could not fathom
What sword lay shielded in his smirking sheath?

"Sadness!" In desperation I cried
"Sadness under your smile has shied
To hide a hidden hurt you’ve tried
A beam over a frown you’ve plied"

“A good guess, Young Turk, but try again”
And I looked at him in mock disdain
“One shot to go, better make it good
With such high stakes, I think you should”

My mind wandered there and here
Clouded by adrenalin and fear
Unless his secret I soon discovered
In a paper bag my face would be covered
And when panic gripped me, My Dears
My thoughts were washed away with tears
And in glorious moment, the truth in sank
“My mind, like yours, is completely blank”

And if all else had seemed but a joke
His face turned sour and then he spoke

“In two hundred years and more
Dozens give or take a score
I have ensnared many a child
The poor, the rich, the meek and mild
But none have answered, when put to task
What my smiling face did mask

The curse is cast, my blessing pass’d
It’s yours to use in love or guile
O child of truth and wonder
Your face will never cease to smile”

And with these words nor any few
Off into the mist he blew
And in my window I glanced by my side
And saw my face was a mile wide

I count in decades, to tell the truth
The smile is the secret to eternal youth
In years gone by, I’ve seen it all
Love and sorrow, rise and fall
But elated or depressed, I swear it
All I could do was grin and bear it
A blessing, a curse, what you please
For feeling anything, it’s been a while
For I cannot help but smile

And often, in a dark and dreary night
I help a lost child through his plight
And some days a curious cat comes along
And asks me in his innocent song
“Pray tell sir, if so be your grace
What for the broad grin on your face”
But none in two hundred years and more
Dozens give or take a score
Have answered right when put to task
What my smiling face did mask

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