Saturday, July 31, 2004

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man 2

Yeah, yeah, I got around to seeing Spidey 2 todays. Want a review? There are better ones availible on The Movie Blog, so I'll just shut up, and say that I enjoyed the movie, even though others thought it was too senti, and not enough kickass action. It was more of a movie about Peter Parker than Spidey, and how he has to come to terms with his own life.
The ending, however, is kinda corny, and we were as a result making lots of sarky comments to the same. We first confused it with Kal Ho Na Ho, and later realised it was actually more of a Dil Chahta Hai.

Anyhow, thanks to Copal for somehow managing to get us together for movie, and providing us very decent lunch afterwords. If I can procure some of the nicer diggie photo's of the event, including very...suggestive ones, I might put them on blog. Only time will tell.

Karan, meanwhile, has been reading and blogging on one of my fav things in science, quantum physics, and more particularly, Schroedinger's Cat. Do check out his blog, the link is on the sidebar. I also reccomend you all read Carl Sagan's Cosmos, and a couple of other books by the same.
Also reminded me of a good joke. Unfortunately, those of you using internet explorer, and not mozilla, will not get it.
In fact, those of you who do not know about Schroedinger's cat will also not get it, so go read Karan's blog first.
Schroedinger's cat is not dead.

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