Thursday, October 28, 2004

The End is Nigh

Remember I said this was going to be a busy month? Well, the last four days are going to be the busiest. Lets run them through, for my mental well being.

Friday, early morning, I reach school, head straight for Mamta Sharma's office, in the hope that my recco letter is done. If so, I yell out loud cries of exultance, and put all my college application stuff in a big brown envelope, and get ready to send it on its merry way.
If it hasn't been done, then well, I'm in a spot of bother, and must wait till later in the afternoon before I can get anything of any significance in order.
Then, immediately proceeding this, a wave function may collapse, and I may go for a quiz to Modern School, Barakhamba Road. One feels the need to win there, as old enemities die hard. While there isn't much competition from MSBK anymore, there's always a bit of rubbing in that must go on whenever we encounter them chappies.
Anyhow, I return to school in the afternoon, to stay back, complete my application, and then aide in the organisation of Exun. That'll take up pretty much all of Friday afternoon and evening. The late evening and night I suspect will be spent in the company of a couple of Germans, the upside of which is that I'll probably get some pretty decent food. Another upside is that these nice fellows have also brought along a couple of boxes of "Hanutas", which are really incredible hazelnut chocolates that you only get in Germany. This sort of stuff doesn't even make it to Duty Free.
Reflecting upon this, I think I'm really lucky that I have so much international, well mostly European, exposure. Papa's customers have come from all over Europe, and the world, and I've got to interact with people from everywhere, and get to know first hand about a lot of countries. It's like a one to one exchange programme, except, I don't get to go visit them, but, such as I have always held, is life.
As a result, (warning, will now proceed to gloat) I also have great international exposure to chocolates. I've eaten em from all over the bleedin' world, and have sampled countless brands which you just don't see anywhere outside the local country. I also have an aquirred taste of several kinds of cheese, artichokes, strange things that go in salads, hell, I have an aquirred taste for Salads, most people won't even touch those, forget the stranger things that go into them.
Right, back to my busy four days. The weekend will be completely spent at Exun, where I have been given the duty of making announcements, in a very official manner. This is not a good idea, I have tried to explain, as I don't do things very well in a very official manner, but such is the nature of things.

In exactly a month and a half, another very important wave function will collapse, one that may change the course of the next four years of my life. Ever had that wonderful feeling of being Nervous, Scared, exicited and hopeful all at the same time?

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