Saturday, October 09, 2004

Rocked Two See, and Siezed the Day

Hey, I had another really good day. When things start going right, after they go wrong, they continue in a trend, and when you have Maria by your side, life can throw few obstacles in your path.
So I had this really amazing SAT 2 Maths 2 C paper, and a pretty solid writing one too. Life, which was being the proverbial bitch, suddenly seems like the cute girl she actually is.
Jhakaas solid essay I wrote, bullshited completely, and didn't go wild at all. Basically, it was the antithesis of everything this blog is all about, and I would like to thank it( isn't it wonderful how you start reffering to your journal as a sort of living breathing entitity after a while?) profusely for teaching me how to write in double fast time.
My center was at the other end of Delhi, at Pusa Road, and its basically far off from whereever else you want to be. So after the SAT, we planned to go to Priya for Lunch, and this took considerably longer than possibly imagined. Reasons? Poor travel plans, horrible horrible traffic, and SHEER DISTANCE! You cannot cross over half the length of Delhi during Lunchtime rush our in a short period of time. Coupled with this was the-incident-in-the-auto-ride-which-is-beyond-Prateek's(and Manav's)-overactive-imagination, so its a really great thing that I was in such an amazing mood, as all such minor bad things simply melted away. To improve this general good feeling inside, it started to rain(lightly drizzle, but who cares?), and joy was all around.

I hung out today. You might not think this is a great achievement, but its been a long time. It's an exceedingly enjoyable activity, better than getting drunk, or stoned, or any of the other prime teenage stupid pastimes. I spent an hour or so at Barista, and then took off to GK just to hang out and chat with Vidz. You ever have those days when you just don't want to go home? Well, this was one of em. So I didn't. As I reach home late evening, energy spent, batteries spent, Parents giving suggestive grins as to my wherabouts and activities, I sit down on my chair, and relax. I don't have to study for a couple of days, and you don't have any idea how happy this makes me right now.


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