Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Voices are all we heard

Let us talk of many things, as long as they are not our exam results.

Today, DPS RKP organised The "Voices" Quiz, and event I am glad to say I had no hand in organising, for several godawful reasons. I did, however, manage to participate in this blessed quiz, and while my team crapped out of luck in the finals, after a brilliant semi-final round, the other DPS team did manage to win, so all is well for king and country, I suppose.
Now, most people have this impression of quizzers as a boring and humdrum lot, where nothing of any note ever happens in our lives. Aranyaka, of the MIS team, and previously referred to as "Melange Boy" went out of his way this week to prove this common misconception wrong. If anything else can be defined as going above and beyond the call of duty to cure nasty stereotypes, please tell me, and I will immediately publicise that event/piece of work.
Anyhow, this is how the story goes. Sometime last week, Aranyaka decides to go for some CBSE sports meet, as he imagines himself as somewhat of a stud. He went for what I have been told is the 200 meter sprints, and besides not having a spectacular performance at the event, decided to make it up by playing a game of truth or dare.
Now, you'd think that Truth or Dare kind of goes out of fashion after class eight or nine, but no, these guys play for frikkin high, and crazy, and downright stupid stakes. Thus, when our Local Hero is asked to extracate a polo from the Delhi State Shot Put Champion's (A girl who has been described to me with my complexion, Prateek's body size and build, and Manav's breasts) mouth, that too, with the profoundly simple tool of his tongue, he didn't back out as chicken. No, he went ahead with it.
His justification of course was, it was a dare, and you've got to be a man to do the dares. You don't need to be a man, you need to be exceedingly stupid to even imagine going anywhere near such a woman(?), if the provided description is accurate, let alone shove your tongue in her mouth. This, however, is not a major problem for him, as random bouts of insanity are his speciality.
Now, the story isn't that simple. No, this gets better than it already is, because watching this heinous, unimaginable act are ratting juniors. These juniors, horrified at what they have seen, go and inform authorities in the school of what's been going on in certain CBSE sports meets. The authorities generally get very shocked about life in general in what they imagine to be one of Delhi's most Accha Baccha schools (These are guys who pray for 15 mins every morning). They promptly suspend the entire tongue hockey squad, and the protagonist of our little story gets reprived from suspension, only to get banned from all interschool quizzes.
Thus, the MIS team is minus one of their top guns, who instead bunks school to come as audience for the quiz. The team itself gets jacked without him, and barely manages to get through to finals, and doesn't do exceedingly well while over there. This is a team that managed to answer "The Rolling Stones" to the question of who sung "Born to be Wild".
Anyhow, that's pretty much all there is to that.
I'd love to say jaast to certain someones out there, who really deserve it, for being mean sadistic people in general, but I'm now a compassionate and balanced soul, so I won't.

The Spread of Blah!

The word Blah seems to being used a lot, for remarkably stupid reasons over the blogosphere these days. To all of those who've converted what is supposed to be an expression of complete uncaring frustration, combined with a general lack of interest in what everyone else has to say to me, into a phrase with no meaning whatsoever, except as a space filler, I'd like to ask you all to just.

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Aishwarya said...

...obviously you are unaware that Aranyaka then dated the girl in question for many months?