Thursday, October 07, 2004

A little Less Conversation

Yay, I'm almost done with my exams, and tomorrow is a piece of cake paper, or well, at least it should be. After the paper will begin the busiest month of my short life(I'm starting to dread the day when I'm not allowed to say short life anymore).
Anyhow, it gives me the opportunity to write at leisure today. Anyhow, all is good practice for writing and thinking fast for Saturday's SAT 2 writing paper. Ugh. It's like the examinations never end.
Right, back to the point. Actually, that is pretty much the point. Why is it that most teenage conversations, hell, most conversations of any age group, in my opinion are generally about nothing at all? Why must we talk, chat, communicate incessantly, even when we have nothing serious or important to talk about? Why can I spend an hour and a half discussing implications of Beatles songs, and which ones are the nicest, when it clearly will not so much as change the ones I am going to listen to, nor my enjoyment of them?
Well, it's simple, really.
See, human nature, which is so incredibly screwed up, realised that if we did intend to communicate only very important, very critical information all the time, strange things would start to happen to us. If our conversations revolved around the great problems of the world, how to solve them, or indeed, the great philisophical questions of life, even stranger things would happen to us. If this is all we could talk about, the worst possible thing on the planet would happen to us. We'd turn into Commie Pseuds, with long hair, jholas, and a prediliction for entering colleges like St. Stephens. We'd become pompous and pretentious bastichs, and spend the rest of our lives as economists, or journalists. We'd probably end up working/appearing on NDTV a lot, and become everything the world generally despises.

There is, however, another extreme. We could spend our entire lives discussing the implications of Beatles Songs, or the plot lines of sad soap operas, or the benefits of the new T 5000 K44 mobile phone, that has super zoom flashy thingie facility, and can arm India's Nuclear Arsenal if you press a few buttons the wrong way.
This would also be a bad thing. That is, talking incessantly of such things, not arming India's Nuclear Arsenal. If we did indulge, or do indulge in this, we'd risk turning into people who will spend their entire adulthood involved with Soap Operas. This is not a bright future.
Thus, there is a middle ground. I suggest you find someone with hoom you can have a decent enough intellectual conversation every so often, and spend the rest of the time telling Horrendously Bad Jokes(Who all read the sciencie jokes, or were unfortunate enough to listen to me tell em?), or the like.
Did I mention I've been listening to a lot of Beatles Songs lately? I think it's starting to tell, I'll have to change my "current obsession" soon.

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