Friday, October 15, 2004

Going to Mount Saint Mary

This morning, a some sixteen dipsites went to Mount Saint Mary.
We succeeded.
It was, of course, a computers and economics (fun combination, no?) symposium being held there. I went for 3 events, managed to win one, and we won the whole shindig, got the Rolling Trophy, and proceeded to get the hell out of there.
Well, that's the shorter version.
I don't really feel like telling you the longer one, I've had a writing overload over the last two three days, all sortsa stuff, two three essays, a few blogs, and what not. Anyhow, I'd just like to go on to say that the school that came up with the cheer "Jeete ga Bhai Jeeta ga, DPS jeetega, MSM ne joke maara ha ha ha" was actually a pretty nice place. They have, indeed, the best school canteen in New Delhi. This is because they have not one, but two of them, run by different suppliers, and the competition thus produced forces them to price competitively, and give good quality stuff.
This is a model that I think our school should learn from. There's no reason we can't be provided good, quality food, it's just a lack of will on the part of the authorities.

Anyhow, that is all.

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