Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The worst is over. Physics, Chem, Maths, they're done?
How did I fare? Terribly. Maths, as previously stated, was a disaster. Physics, an even bigger one. Chem, redeemed me in some ways, but that by no means means(Haha, Karan, suck on that, double word usage, and it's still grammatically correct) that I am getting 90% in it. Should be between 80 to 90, depending on how kind the checking teacher is. Basically, I'm losing marks in these disgusting things called chemistry numericals, which require you to multiply, take logs, and generally maneuver 6 digit numbers in a multitude of different ways. Why are we not allowed Calcs? Does actually taking out the values of insane computations test our concepts at all? Is it really a decent way to torture otherwise innocent, masoom bacche? Isn't Mandira Bedi enough???
Answers to these questions and more will never be provided to the likes of us, so why bother.
On a tangential note, thanks to brother dearest, I have received seven CD's worth of music, and of course, The COMPLETE hitchhiker's guide radio series.
It is, by the way, brilliant. Simon Jones is perfect as the book, and it has that whole 70's feel to it, the kind absolutely missing in our decade.
You make say that that( See, I did it again, nyah nyah) is because this isn't the 70's. Well, that's a load of crap, the spirit of a decade doesn't die as soon as it ends.

In simple, and uncomplicated terms, to sum up my last week and a half, quite a terrible one I might add, I'd just like to say

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